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Welcome to Life Balance Clinic

The Center For Integrative Medicine

For many years Dr. L. Kipnis, D.N. & V. Dekhtyar, L. Ac. have been addressing the issues of alternative medicine, and working to help many patients with their powerful knowledge. At the Center for Integrative Medicine, they are dedicated to creating a healing environment, in which patients have access to a variety of complementary and alternative therapies to promote healing and wellness, teaching people how to be naturally healthy.

They have developed an integrated and complete approach to ultimate health and wellness called the "Life In Balance" program. The "Life In Balance" is a unique program principled in science and tradition, where each patient is treated as a whole person.

They can make you healthy, as well as teach you how to preserve and maintain your health and optimal balance. Their mission is to help their patients transform their health and their lives by going back to nature. Since most chronic disease is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, they have been incredibly successful at improving chronic conditions with natural lifestyle changes.

These practitioners believe that any health issue needs to be addressed on all three levels of mind, body and spirit.

Their program is a truly holistic program that helps you discover and address factors that are keeping you from staying healthy throughout your lifetime. They can save you a lifetime of struggle, pain and suffering by teaching you some simple but powerful techniques that can change your life forever and preserve your health and wellness.

Dr. L. Kipnis, D.N. & V. Dekhtyar, L. Ac. are offering a partnership to everyone interested in restoring and preserving their health, on the one hand by means of their knowledge, experience, and development, and, on the other hand, by their readiness to help the individual change and take action and responsibility concerning their health.

They can develop and recommend an individualized program for you, which includes a discussion of their holistic approach to your present state of health, an individual program of re-direction tailored to your specific health condition, which involves focusing on your mindset, spine, diet correction and nutritional counseling, restoration of mineral and vitamin balance, correcting psychological imbalance, and acupuncture.

Make an appointment today and let these two amazing professionals guide you to the optimal paths to health, wellness and a life in balance.

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